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Welcome to Syrup.

Serve × Bless × Impact


We are an impact-based breakfast boutique located in downtown Norman, Oklahoma.

Dreaming of syrup. began in South Africa in August 2011 and the doors opened in September 2012. It started with a small group of friends who had big dreams and a belief that simple things can make a big impact.

While in South Africa, cooking evening meals, "Breakfast for Dinner" became a common theme. As lovers of all things breakfast, it made perfect sense to combine the foods we loved with the causes that stirred our hearts.

The vision of syrup. is to have a delicious breakfast with local and global impact. It may look different throughout the years: assisting an orphanage, disaster relief, digging clean water wells, supporting missionaries, and providing for sustainable community development. 

Locally, we want to see Norman thrive, students succeed, families supported, the poor uplifted, and the economy grow. The fun part about being a small business is that we can make an impact on the community we so adore.



(405) 701-1143



123 E. Main Street
Norman, OK 73069



M-F 7a–1p
Sa-Su 7a–2p

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We are tea drinkers. Hugo Tea has the straightforward belief that the world would be a better place if more people drank tea.

Hugo Tea Company prides itself on their organic, direct from origin tea. Coming from Kansas City, it is one of only a few tea companies in the entire midwest region. Hugo Tea offers a limited selection of fresh, premium teas that are blended, packed and flavored by hand. For more information on Hugo Tea Company, please visit their website.